"Los desamores son lentos, la antítesis del enamoramiento a nivel temporal. Van lentos, se meten en una caja opaca, se tiran al río. Un río que al final desembarcará en el mismo mar que todos los otros desamores, contigo hasta el final."

"Quand vous en serez au temps des cerises
Si vous avez peur des chagrins d’amour
Evitez les belles
Moi qui ne crains pas les peines cruelles
Je ne vivrai point sans souffrir un jour
Quand vous en serez au temps des cerises
Vous aurez aussi des peines d’amour!"

–You guys don’t… give things chances. I don’t know what that is.
–That’s because we know what we want and we don’t mind being alone.

No me puedo sentir más identificado.

Oh loverboy To you I belong But maybe one day you’ll wake and you’ll find me gone But loverboy If you call me home I’ll come driving I’ll come driving fast as wheels can turn ♪

Oh loverboy 
To you I belong 
But maybe one day you’ll wake 
and you’ll find me gone 
But loverboy 
If you call me home 
I’ll come driving 
I’ll come driving fast as wheels can turn 

by hisaacholland

Show me the way to your love

"You said you couldn’t find anyone to love you
I said there’s more to life than a broken heart
dear console you

I’ve seen it in your eyes
And I’ve read it in books
Who wants love
Without the looks

Well you said I spend my life chasing rainbows
Oh I said that’s a cliché phrase and anyway I like it
when the rain goes

I’ve seen it in your eyes
And I’ve read it in books
Who wants love
Without the looks

And I came a long way before I came across the sea
Oh I did love for you and what did you do for me

Oh but I’m gonna be strong
And it’s getting much stronger
it may take a week
But it won’t be longer

No no no no"


"She’s a bee with honeyed thighs
A living hell, a slice of heaven
She’s good, she’s bad
It makes me mad
She’s all I’ll ever have"

Terry Hall - Forever J

¡Traed los caballos danzates! 

¡Traed los caballos danzates! 


Hey wonder then
Wait, cause I need today
Or tomorrow
Curl into you
For how I lust you
Will come to sorrow

Hey, I’m falling ,stay
‘Cause I’m on to you
Where you lay

Hard bound to not stop
Be that if I’m wrong

Your out for lustre
Even if I’m not

Be my lover
Be my lover
Be my lover
Be my lover
Be my lover
Be my lover
Be my lover
Be my lover


My Bloody Valentine - If I Am

"It’s just the idea of, ‘How could things go so wrong?’ How could something so beautiful and talented eat itself up with anxiety and self-doubt, and can you ever fucking stop it? Which you probably can’t."

Nicky Wire sobre ‘3 Ways to See Despair’

"Si hay hombres que contienen un alma sin fronteras,
una esparcida frente de mundiales cabellos,
cubierta de horizontes, barcos y cordilleras,
con arena y con nieve, tú eres uno de aquellos.
Las patrias te llamaron con todas sus banderas,
que tu aliento llenara de movimientos bellos.
Quisiste apaciguar la sed de las panteras,
y flameaste henchido contra sus atropellos.
Con un sabor a todos los soles y los mares,
España te recoge por que en ella realices
tu majestad de árbol que abarca un continente.
A través de tus huesos irán los olivares
desplegando en la tierra sus más férreas raíces,
abrazando a los hombres universal, fielmente."




25.10.2013 La [2]del Nitsa - Old Wave New Club

Especial TECNOPOP - Miqui Puig  · Angel Molina · crises

Fotos originales de Xip&Xic y jmgaranto




I wish I could be

Close to you

By the sea…

And I know that you would

want to be there too

Where the sea is green

and the sky is oh so blue

We could walk together

on the beach we two

We could roll down our socks

and kick off both our shoes

We can drift on a raft

until late afternoon

If we stayed a bit longer

it would still be far too soon

There’s an island out there

where I’d like to go and hide

And when we get tired

we can drift back with the tide

I’m so glad we came

To the seaside

In the rain

But now

Its time to go

We drive our car

Very slow

"Claro que podo estar sen ti e ser feliz. Onte non te vim, e mirai, estou vivo. Será que ti es igual, igual? Porque eu, ainda que esteas lonxe, se penso en ti estou case, case ao teu lado. / Esta non é a primeira vez que vexo a alguén e penso que é para sempre, para sempre que é para sempre. Ti si, porque ti si, ti es moito moito moito máis que todas as outras chavalas. / A vida é un ruido de mar, un ruido de sol, e logo nós."

– Emilio José - A Amizade 弐
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